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Families First Quality Award for children’s centres, schools and nurseries

The Families First Quality Award (FFQA) is a national quality assurance process and quality improvement framework designed to help you provide gold standard information to families and keep families at the heart of your work.

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The Families First Quality Award recognises organisations that demonstrate excellence in providing information, advice and assistance to local families. local families.


Benefits of FFQA


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Evaluate your work and engagement with families

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Improve your standards and working practices to better support families

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Evidence your commitment to parents and families

Utilise the latest rigorously-tested resources from the Family and Childcare Trust

Get support from experienced FFQA assessors

Reach and display an esteemed national benchmark of quality

Confidently demonstrate quality of your work to Ofsted inspectors

How it works

First developed for local authority Family Information Services (FIS) to measure FIS’ effectiveness in delivering their statutory obligations to the 2006 Childcare Act, FFQA has since evolved to meet the specific needs of children’s centres and nurseries, and, with the help of Suffolk County Council, the needs of schools of all kinds. FFQA now also includes additional standards that recognise excellence in helping families with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The Families First Quality Award is designed with your requirements in mind to allow your work to be easily integrated into the FFQA framework. The award is based on a competence-based assessment similar to that of National Vocational Qualification assessments. The assessment is overseen by our accredited FFQA assessors who will work with you to identify suitable examples of evidence that demonstrate your competence against the individual elements of the standards.

Improving your engagement

Grounded in years of research and work in the early years, the Family and Childcare Trust has an acute understanding of the challenges you face to support your children and engage their parents.

FFQA offers different sets of standards tailored to the unique roles schools and children’s centres each play in working with children and their families. The standards can also be applied to the work of nurseries. FFQA will help you evaluate your engagement with your children, their parents and carers, and your staff. Using the clear framework, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses and act informatively to improve your standards and work practices.

Showcasing your quality of work to Ofsted

FFQA will make sure you put your best foot forward at your next Ofsted inspection by helping you confidently showcase your work. As you use the FFQA framework to evaluate your work, the framework can be readily used to easily gather evidence to demonstrate against the requirements of your next Ofsted inspection. Working with an FFQA assessor, you can build a solid portfolio of evidence to spotlight your achievements.

100 primary schools have signed up for the Family First Quality Award so far

30 children's centres and nurseries have signed up for the Family First Quality Award so far

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